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Q & A with Jon Gordon
Tell us a little bit about yourself -- What sport(s) did you play in school?
My mission is to help people feel good. Energy is all about feeling good. I am a Dad to two children and I have a wonderful wife and a dog and cat and I love writing, speaking and making a difference. In my spare time I play kickball with the kids. I played lacrosse at Cornell.
What did you learn from that experience that informs your work today? What about from your restaurant experience? How did selling pizzas and burritos help you get to where you are today?
I learned that we are all in the energy business. I learned about people and providing great customer service and that people go to places and do business with people that make them feel good.
You've got a diverse background: athlete, entrepreneur, you even dabbled in politics and technology, but what was the first indicator from all those sources that you were heading for this change in your life? What made you embrace your current path?
I think we are always given signs in our life that point us on our path. I knew I had found my calling and thatís why I embraced this path.
Helping people is nothing new to you. What is the Phoenix Organization and what were you trying to accomplish in its early days? How have your goals evolved since then?
Our mission was to raise money and volunteer for youth focused charities and to unite a lot of people to do this. Actually my goals have not changed. Just the non-profit. Now we have PEP (The Positive Energy Program) a 501C and our mission is to help children become healthy and positive.
Just what is an Energy Addict anyway?
Itís about someone who is addicted to positive energy instead of negative energy. They fuel their live with habits that make them feel good in a positive way. Not where they exercise every day for 4 hours but where they take a walk each day for say 30 minutes and they want to do it again and again.
So what holds people back? Why aren't we all Energy Addicts?
Because we make choices that drain us that zap our energy. Because we are addicted to things that are not good for us. My mission is to help people make better energy choices that fuel their life with happiness, joy, love, great food and positive energy.
You've got several books and audio programs under your belt now, how do you prepare for the writing process? What steps do you take to ensure the quality of the information, particularly when it comes to areas such as diet, exercise and mental well-being?
I do a lot of research and I go with what speaks to me. I also get a lot of divine insights that just come to me as if prodding me what to write. I write from a place that knows that I am just a conduit for the writing that is supposed to get out there.
Book signings and media appearances have you zooming all around the country. What's next on the travel itinerary? Any thoughts about extending your reach internationally?
Actually we have many thousands of subscribers from around the world and I look forward to visiting these places to reach people in person. Iíll be going to 30 cities over the next 6 months on this book tour.
What's your best story from the road?
There are too many. Just meeting people I am supposed to meet and how our lives change by our connections and interactions. Many miracles from the road. I gave one woman a book in a Gym after she said I couldnít work out there as a guest. So I just gave her a book and said have a great day. A few months later she emails me to tell me that the book changed her life and she was praying for a miracle that day and I gave her that book. So that was pretty awesome. You just never know.
Do you have an "Energy Hero" - someone that inspires you to keep pushing yourself? Someone who sustains you when you start to feel the wear and tear of all the travel and appearances?
My wife.
If you could only give one idea to someone in need of full-scale revitalization, what would that idea be?
Choose thoughts and feelings that make you feel good. We choose our thoughts and we choose our happiness. If you are not feeling good or happy you can choose a different state. Most people donít think they are in control of that but they are. I know this to be true and it is TRUTH.
You have a demanding schedule: How do you recharge? How does Americaís #1 Energy Coach keep up with himself?
Through meditation, prayer, qigong, walks and taking time to recharge even if itís 10 minutes a day in silence.