Cunning, beautiful, and flawed

Mr. Director (bah),

Your ploy of overwhelming my attorneys with nice Jewish ladies was a cunning and brutally effective one, but flawed. Hearing of the invasion through a quizzling stenographer, Anders Inkling was at first shocked, then panicked, then sweaty, and then he knew his course was clear. He arrived that the offices of my attorneys with herring snacks, celery soda (diet and regular) and a thick packet of Mah Jong tiles. Naturally the ladies sat down to play, stopping all the remaining legal business being conducted at the office and blocking the main exit. The attorneys began to show real fear at this point but Inkling had an ace up his sleeve. The tiles were marked, you see, and several ladies picked up on the fact, right about the time the refreshments ran out. Naturally recrimination followed recrimination, loose words flew and old family disagreements were revisited. Now the lawyers were in their element. Within the hour they had three lawsuits, a tax shelter, and a trust fund for grandbaby Sheldon working (nothing too much, but it might help when he’s in college. Just so he remembers me fondly, which is important because with my metabolism you never know when something, God forbid, might happen).

The ladies left, in separate groups, happily litigating and off for an afternoon’s shopping. At that point the attorneys put in a new phone system so daunting that no person born before 1960 will be able to deal with it.

yours as ever,

Mr. Tyrannical

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