Ack! My Associate-o-matic trial expired! As I’ve mentioned before, I used a product from Associate-o-matic to build my store. It is a an engine written in PHP that manages the interaction with Amazon’s web service. It was dead-simple to install and offers a whole lot of flexibility in the configuration. I really am very pleased with the results. Perhaps someday if this project gains some popularity or I need some really unique functionality, I may get ambitious and try to write my own wrappers for the web service, but for now this product is awesome! But I digress, the point of today’s post was that I had let my 30-day trial expire without upgrading. I’ve corrected that now, but I had at least a 24 hour gap where the store was unreachable. What is particularly annoying is that I think I actually had a little spike in traffic yesterday, ergo, ACK!

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