It is fundamental – when one puts up a site about books there is no escaping it – one must do a little reading. Currently I’m reading Mother Wore a Helmet and other Tales of Lasterday a charming morsel of a book by my cousin Jonas. Basically it is a selection of memoirs from various stages of the author’s life. I’m in the home stretch now and it has been interesting to learn family tidbits that I never knew and to get a much more intimate portrait of a person that I’ve known all my life, but only from the very narrow vantage point of being the offspring of a cousin. From where I sit, these pages from my cousin’s life are like stepping into a time machine – experiences are sometimes quaint, sometimes strange, but the emotions, anxieties, and humor are all easily identified with — I just can’t imagine driving all around New England without an ATM card and a cell phone. Hurrah for progress! I guess.

One of my chores that I need to get to soon is to post ordering info for the book. It is not available from Amazon so orders will need to be done the old-fashioned way.

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