Art reflects life

And sometimes, so do ads. In case you haven’t noticed this blog makes use of Google’s Adsense program. I won’t go into a lot of detail about that now, but one of the cool features of their system is that their ‘bots automatically parse the text of a web page to come up with relevant ads by means of some mysterious algorithm. The operative word here is relevant, and the operative site in this case is the newly posted Emphasis of Inkling that of course features our favorite international operative, the cruel and industrious Anders Inkling. If you’ve checked out the site (and you really should) you would know that there is plenty of text there to parse. So with all of this prosaic Inkling fodder to feed the ‘bots what turned out to be the resulting relevant ads? Well of course the system served up ads for schizophrenia therapy and narcissistic personality disorder. Certainly the Smartest Guy I Know is amused, and surely Larry and Sergey have much to be proud of.

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