Something to tide you over

Yes I’m still plotting my plans for putting Pligg into production. Or maybe I’m plodding with Pligg’s perplexing PHP programming. Either way, the Books By People You Know section is far from ready for prime time. However in an effort to keep you entertained in the meantime I have added three new books and one cd to the roster of Books By People I Know. These four talented folks have been findable for some time now on the left side of the BbPIK shopping page, but now I’m elevating them into the spotlight. Well at least now they get a link and a blurb on the home page. Who needs fifteen minutes of fame when you can parade friends and associates like Randall Mason, Jeff Pulver, Donald Kuspit or Edith Frost across your website? Certainly not I. Andy Warhol eat your heart out.

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