To Pligg or not to Pligg?

I’ve downloaded the beta of Pligg, an open source version of Digg which is a very cool site that let’s end users select and rate the content for a forum of articles on technology topics. If you aren’t familiar with it, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. I am certain you’ll find more than a few links there that are worth following.

The Pligg engine has many features that I think would be great to use for my next addition to the BbPIK site. I want to have user registration, submission of blurbs that would be open for voting on and for commentary, and I love the idea of a “karma” system to give visitors a sense of the community’s collective credibility. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to research or fiddle with Pligg, which has got me worried that it might have too much overhead for my site’s modest ambitions. Does anyone out there know of an open source tool that would fulfill most of the features mentioned above, but is a little leaner? Thanks!

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