Miscellaneous updates

  1. Inkling is rising, but slowly. The smartest guy I know is working on an episode and I have some ideas, but they are not ready for prime time.
  2. I’m totally slacking on interview questions despite the fact that I’ve had several folks give me the nod of approval. Chris, Randy, Edith, Jeff – they are all waiting for questions. Fortunately for me they are all REALLY busy so they probably haven’t noticed that I’m behind. Shhh.
  3. I’m waiting on Sidney’s responses. I’ll have to noodge him a little.
  4. I’m still getting some comment spam, but fortunately not too bad. HOWEVER, a genuine, legit, bona fide comment sure would be appreciated :)
  5. Pligg has a new version coming out soon, so I’m waiting for that to come out before I resume slacking off on building the Books By People YOU know section
  6. I’ve increased the frequency of my abuse of CAPITALIZATION
  7. I threw my back out and had to cancel a dance performance. I was bummed and so was my dance partner. AND I lost one of my best excuses for slacking on this site!

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