This is my first official blog so I am just learning the ropes.

Basically I am linking this to a website I made for the purpose of getting familiar with Amazon’s Associate program. That website is Books By People I Know, but you probably already figured that out.

All the people on the home page of the site and in the category listings of theshop are people that I know, some very well, others are old friends and acquaintances, a few I’ve only met professionally, and then there is the one I’m feuding with…. And yes, if you buy any of their books, music or movies, I get a referral fee from Amazon. I don’t expect to see much traffic here, but for a lark I bought a single square on the Million Dollar Home Page to drive a trickle of visitors my way. By the way, it actually has brought a trickle of traffic, an average of 3 visitors a day since the link went live.

Also, if you are interested, I used a tool called Associate-o-matic to build the shop – it is cool!

I hope you enjoy and will visit again – thanks!

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