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Good Ol’ Ben Franklin

Okay I don’t know him, so his book is not technically listed here as one of the “books by people I know”, but since I just finished reading his autobiography I feel closer to our country’s greatest postmaster than I ever have before. Of course if I had a few more hundred dollar bills I might feel even closer, but so far that opportunitiy to surround myself with portraits of Benjamin Franklin has been frustratingly elusive. Nonetheless, Blaine McCormick’s modernization of Ben Franklin’s autobiography is a fun and instructive read.

DIY USB Flash Drive Mods

My friend Josh’s sister came up with a fun idea for adding some pizzazz to your usb flash drive. Check it out from Gizmodo: “UCLA student, Rachel, has launched a new site to help spice up that boring, dull USB flash drive that you use day in and day out. She plans on having a library of tutorials and a store for buying and modding USB flash drives.”

Go Rachel!

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Swinging Night of Tap!

You may have noticed that the content of this blog has gotten somewhat scattered. I think that reflects my often scattered-brained state of mind, so it is a case of art reflecting life. In other words, live with it, I do.

So, true-to-form here is another departure for this blog: plugging semi-amateur dance shows: This is good old-fashioned wholesome family entertainment that we’re talking about. If you’re going to be in Decatur, GA on April 22 or 23 then you owe it to yourself to check out the 6th Annual Swinging Night of Tap!

My friend Birda Ringstad puts together this annual dance fest to give some of her students a chance to show off for an audience of friends and family. Smiles are guaranteed for all!

Fun with CSS

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the rest of this site, but I wanted to experiment with a CSS technique that is very popular with a lot of web designers. Rounded corners work well with many web layouts, but most conventional approaches to making them require making custom images which can be tricky if you don’t have the right software, and requires new images every time you change the color scheme. I’ve seen other methods with heavy use of javascript, but that excludes some site visitors. There are also ones that use many extra DIVs to artificailly create the round corners, but they can be cumbersome to edit.

My experiment uses a text character, the bullet, •, instead of an image to put something round in the corner. If this interests you check out the rounded corner article I posted. Also check out Eric Meyer’s web site for all things CSS, and the CSS Zen Garden for stunning CSS designs.