Randall Mason in the queue

The list gets longer, which means I’ve got to get on the ball and get some interview questions written. That’s right, I’ve gotten another thumbs up for an interview session. This time it is Randall Mason, the brother-in-law’s brother, and co-author of Giving Preservation a History. I might have to seek out some help for this one: the subject matter is one that I know very little about, and guess what? I haven’t read the book! Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to wing it. :)

Anaconda addressed

My Dear Anaconda,

So, you thought you could trick me by sending an email to my email address. You must be reading Game Theory again, Old Man, taking the direct approach. My only question is where to begin. Literally, that is my question. Is the part of the story at the top of the blog the latest entry or is it at the bottom of the blog?

The story at the top seems to have so many unanswered questions to it, but then I always was a slow reader. One is loathe to begin yet another plot line – at our age.

And yet I feel we shall. Our “partnership” has been quiet too long. East Asia is finished. Russia has gone cold. The Middle East is for the amateurs now. But Europe…once again Europe is crawling with thieves, and that’s just the way we like it, isn’t it Anaconda?

Yours as ever,


Inkling Returns

I can only conclude by your lack of reply that either (a) you failed
to receive the original, or (b) the shock of seeing the original was
simply too much for your frail constitution and you were struck down
by a grave case of hysterical blindness. In the case of the former
please send some immediate sign of your health and well-being so that
Mrs. Hergapenshoennersveltenkrauss can cease her incessant
handwringing. In the case of the latter, well then this missive is a
bit moot, isn’t it?

-Mr. Hergapenshoennersveltenkrauss

Spring VON 2006 coming March 14-17

One of the authors that I know and feature on this site is Jeff Pulver, and one of the many things Jeff does is promote a show called VON. The name is an acronym for Voice On the Net, and it is one of the most important and longest running shows in the Voice Over IP (VOIP) industry. The show is in San Jose this March (or if it is more convenient you could always hop over to VON Europe in Stockholm, Sweden). To find out details about the show visit www.von.com. Unfortunately I can’t go this year, which is a bummer because it looks to be another great event with over 300 companies exhibiting VOIP and IP communications products, services and solutions. Also Jeff always throws a great party at his conferences. It’ll be a stimulating and exhausting event for all who attend, but that intellectual and social stimulation helps continually drive progress and innovation in the industry.

Art reflects life

And sometimes, so do ads. In case you haven’t noticed this blog makes use of Google’s Adsense program. I won’t go into a lot of detail about that now, but one of the cool features of their system is that their ‘bots automatically parse the text of a web page to come up with relevant ads by means of some mysterious algorithm. The operative word here is relevant, and the operative site in this case is the newly posted Emphasis of Inkling that of course features our favorite international operative, the cruel and industrious Anders Inkling. If you’ve checked out the site (and you really should) you would know that there is plenty of text there to parse. So with all of this prosaic Inkling fodder to feed the ‘bots what turned out to be the resulting relevant ads? Well of course the system served up ads for schizophrenia therapy and narcissistic personality disorder. Certainly the Smartest Guy I Know is amused, and surely Larry and Sergey have much to be proud of.

Inkling rising

He’s kept a low profile since 2001, but you just can’t keep a man as resourceful as Anders Inkling out of action for long. He’s a jet-set, scourge of nations. He is willful, plotting, devious, but seldom irascible, and never risible, except when he wins.

What am I talking about? Good question. To find out the answer visit the first collaborative project under the auspices of the Books By People I Know umbrella: The Emphasis of Inkling

They found me!

I suppose I should be grateful that it has taken this long before getting comment-spam on this blog, but it finally happened. Hopefully it won’t become an epidemic. I certainly understand the desire to make a buck, but I really can’t fathom how a spammer hopes to see any profit from posting a comment to a blog, particularly when all the comments are moderated before getting posted to the live site. With any luck the number of real people comments will start to grow soon and then if a spam message sneaks in it will hopefully be lost in a crowd of intellectual, book-loving, commentors, like you my gentle reader.

Cool book – Ambient Findability

Ambient Findability I just finished reading a cool book called Ambient Findability by Peter Morville. Unfortunately I don’t know Peter, in fact it is a little presumptuous of me to call him Peter and not Mr. Morville, but I’m just folksy like that. I think I wouldn’t mind getting to know Peter, he is brilliant and passionate on the subject of information architecture and how the tools and technology of our age are impacting the way we find and interact with information. Information that we base our decisions on, information that we base our judgements on. Information that influences our culture and future. The book can be a bit heady at times, but it has lots of pretty pictures to help you through the rough spots.

Two more interviews lined up

Sidney is still mulling over his answers, but rather than sit still while I wait for his email… I’ve gone ahead and lined up two more interviewees! So now I’m busy working up questions for Jeff Pulver, the Internet Telephony Wunderkind, and Edith Frost, the World Wild West’s foremost cowgirl and songstress.

Something to tide you over

Yes I’m still plotting my plans for putting Pligg into production. Or maybe I’m plodding with Pligg’s perplexing PHP programming. Either way, the Books By People You Know section is far from ready for prime time. However in an effort to keep you entertained in the meantime I have added three new books and one cd to the roster of Books By People I Know. These four talented folks have been findable for some time now on the left side of the BbPIK shopping page, but now I’m elevating them into the spotlight. Well at least now they get a link and a blurb on the home page. Who needs fifteen minutes of fame when you can parade friends and associates like Randall Mason, Jeff Pulver, Donald Kuspit or Edith Frost across your website? Certainly not I. Andy Warhol eat your heart out.